Contesting a Will in NSW?


A Guide to Contesting A Will

If you've been left out of a Will or treated unfairly this 9 page guide will help you determine whether you are able to contest the Will and what the process is. 

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"Being left out of a will can come as a shock, but there are some things you can do"

It always comes at the worst time - the loss of a loved one or close relation. It can be a time of great emotional stress and for reasons which aren't clear you have not been provided for the the will. But perhaps you should have been.

The law has something to say about this. It acknowledges that relationships are complex things and for a whole bunch of reasons people aren't always provided for in the Will of the deceased, for whatever reason, and perhaps they should've been. 

Contesting a will can be a confronting thing, and it doesn't make you a bad person. Sometimes it is the only way to right an injustice, or even a mistake.

What Our Clients Say

Learning upon the death of my father that I wasn't provided for in his will was devastating, particularly as I was his primary carer for the last 15 years. But Paul and his team were wonderful. They went above and beyond to secure what should've been mine all along. 

- Joan

We had a long lost relative try and take our inheritance, but the team at King Cain stepped in when we didn't know what to do and stopped that shameful act from ever happening.

- Greg

If you feel unfairly treated and you want peace of mind, you need an expert team on your side working for you.

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